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South Petherwin Marriage Registers 1656-1812

The following list of the South Petherwin Marriages has been extracted by the Rev. P. T. Pulman, b.c.l., one time Vicar of South Petherwin with Trewen. Both parishes having been formerly peculiars of the Bishop of Exeter, there are no transcripts of their registers at Bodmin.

An examination of the returns preserved at Exeter has revealed the existence of South Petherwin transcripts for the years 1608, 1609, 1625, 1629, 1638, 1662-1672 inclusive, 1682-1691 inclusive ; South Petherwin and Trewen transcripts for the years 1673- 1681 inclusive, 1692-1706 inclusive, 1737-1758 inclusive, and for the year 1783. There is also a return for the year 1635 which is probably from South Petherwin.

The transcripts for the period 1737-1740 are contained in the bundles of the Bishop’s peculiars and not, as in the case of other parishes, in the general bundles.