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Saint Paternus Day of Action!

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Ideas and, of course, Refreshments! 

Saint Paternus, South Petherwin’s 500-year-old (in places!) church, is opening its doors after the silence of lockdown, to have a Big Clear Up and Ideas Day. It’s a large space and needs a fair amount of sweeping, dusting and polish, to get it shining and ready for any events that you would like to see happening, in addition to the regular services.  So, please do come along; we’d love people to clean and help box up any items no longer needed, but most importantly bring their ideas, hopes, and dreams for what is a beautiful historic community space, used by local people for over 500 years, or 700, if you include the remnants of the Norman church in its fabric and footprint.  

There will of course be tea, coffee, cake, and a chance to share and grow ideas, and chat about how we look after, cherish and fill this beautiful space for years to come. Saturday November 20th from 10 am.