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Cornwall Community Foundation Invites Applications

The Papillon Fund supports community projects within the parishes of St Thomas & South Petherwin. Out of area applications may be considered on the condition the beneficiaries attending the project reside within the listed parishes (evidence of this will be required). Clean Earth are the developers of this site.

Grants range from £250 – £1,000. First-time applicants will take priority.

The deadline for applications is the 4th April 2022.

Genna Lloyd-Hall Grants Officer Cornwall Community Foundation

Suite 1, Sheers Barton, Lawhitton, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9NJ
Telephone: 07542031636 •  www.cornwallcommunityfoundation.com/

Case Study

Below is a case study of a previous successful application:

Tregadillett Pre-School & Toddler Group – purchase of new climbing frame and mud kitchen

Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) are delighted to have supported Tregadillett Pre-School and Toddler Group with the purchase of their new climbing frame and mud kitchen, with a £900 grant from our Papillion Fund.

The mud kitchen has encouraged the children to explore cooking, working together, sharing resources, and replicating what they have learnt to their peers including replicas of hot drinks and different foods. All helping to improve their motor skills by pouring and measuring as well as aiding with literacy when the children reach that point.

The new climbing frame has allowed the children to explore their strength and balance as well as challenging them to develop self-preservation and explore different risks in a safe environment. Research indicates that exploring and understanding risks for children under five supports their development into their teenage years, leading to positive decisions being made in the future.

Enabling the children to learn their strength and balance on the climbing frame has also improved their ability to control their limbs and core-strength which allows them to sit more comfortably in class, helping with their listening and concentration skills which in turn, leads to better communication and understanding.

Having both the mud kitchen and climbing frame also quite simply encourages the children to play outside which has many benefits from fresh air, engaging with nature, exploring different weather varieties and engaging in exercise.

CCF are so glad that the funding from the Papillion Fund has helped with the fantastic benefits above, for the children at Tregadillett Pre-school and Toddler Group.