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South Petherwin WW1 100

2014 Remembrance Day

2014’s remembrance ceremony was one of the best attended in years with all ages witness the sombre occasion when Peter Bailey read out the fourteen men of the parish that fell during both World Wars. The weather held off except for a slight shower during the service and all passing traffic respectively stopped so that the ceremony could take place in peace. Roger Parsons layed a wreath on behalf of the Parish council and Alan Brook layed a wreath on the behalf of Ron Creber in memory of his Uncle Ronald Creber who died in the Second World War. The remembrance service was held at the Methodist Chapel.

South Petherwin WW1 100 Memory Day

The rotten weather could do nothing to stop the people of South Petherwin turning out to visit the Great War Centenary Memories Day at the Methodist Chapel on Saturday. The displays of World War 1 memorabilia, recruiting and public information posters and histories of the fallen of the parish was fascinating and stimulated conversations laced with tales of grandfathers’ wars and their connection to each other and the local area. Particularly interesting were the exhibits telling the story of Horace Westlake’s Bible which found its way home from the battlefields of France and another of the War Medal dug up in a garden in Kennards House some thirty years ago. The organisers of South Petherwin WW1 – 100, who were on hand to answer questions and swap information and stories about family members who served in the Great War, were kept busy all day.

Those who visited left comments such as ’I could have spent many more hours here’ and ‘I Got very emotionally involved’ and ‘Wonderful! Informative and generating lots of insight’. The ultimate accolade came from a schoolboy who summed it up thus. ‘This is cool!’.
South Petherwin WW1 – 100 will now incorporate everything they learned from this highly successful day into the already considerable amount of information accumulated for the planned memorial booklet and the record of returning servicemen which is already under way.  Peter Bailey

South Petherwin WW1 100 Memory Day

In commemoration on the outbreak of World War One in 1914 the Parish organised a memory day on the 5th of April at the Methodist Chapel Hall. The aim was to gather as much information as  possible on those men that fell, which will enable a booklet to be produced in their honour and distributed to every household in the Parish.  On display was information on each man plus maps of the battles they fought in, pieces of shrapnel and a shell found on the battlefields. It was pleasing to see the Daughter and Grand daughter of Cecil Westlake along with their cousin in attendance as was Darren Farmer the relative of Arthur Wonnacott. The event was very well attended with many relatives of men that served giving important information.

Phil Parsons, Parish Councillor:
“This event has connected us all with a global tragedy set over one hundred years ago across the sea . local people shared their memories and tears as they recalled grandad or dads stories and silence. It has proved to be a powerful day.”

Ralph Finnimore 10yrs: “My dad found a WW1 medal when he was five in the back garden. (On display on the day) I’ve learnt loads of things including the story of two brothers (Westlake) who signed up but only one returned. Really enjoyed this event, great idea.”

Please contact The South Petherwin WW1 100 committee if you have any information on anyone that served during that War. The committee is made up of Peter Bailey, Phil Parsons and Roger Pyke .