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Terms of Reference: Employment Committee

  1. Objective
    1.1 To consider such matters as may be delegated by the Council from time to time
    1.2 To draft and keep under review the staffing structure of the Council and make recommendations
    as appropriate
    1.3 To keep under review all staff contracts of employment, terms and conditions and make
    recommendations to full council.
    1.4 To keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the
    monitoring of absence.
    1.4 To monitor the Council’s employment policies and procedures in respect of changes to legislation
    and make recommendations to Council where appropriate.
    1.5 To undertake the recruitment of the Clerk, including making the appointment with any associated
    expenditure. To consider and short list applications for employment and to interview and appoint applicants to fill employment vacancies for South Petherwin Parish Council.
    1.6 To maintain confidentiality over all staffing matters as required under Data Protection legislation
    and the Code of Conduct
  2. Membership
    2.1 Membership of the Employment Committee shall consist of the Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and three councillors elected by the full council.
    2.2 A member will not be eligible for nomination to the committee if they have been the subject of an upheld grievance or finding of a breach of the Code of Conduct by or relating to a member of staff during the previous 12 months.
    2.3 Any councillors with a personal link to any applicant for a job vacancy shall be excluded from membership. They must make this link known as soon as practicable to allow the Council to appoint a substitute member for the purpose of short listing and interviewing.
  3. Standing Orders and Policy
    3.1 The Standing Orders approved by South Petherwin Parish Council for Parish Council meetings will apply to meetings of the Employment Committee. Standing Order 5 c, viii, three (3) Members will constitute a quorum for a committee.
    3.2 The full Parish Council will approve, prior to advertising a vacancy, a job description and marking matrix for each vacancy as it occurs and these will be used for marking by the Employment Committee in its evaluation of applications and applicants.
  4. Responsibilities
    4.1 To carry out staff appraisals
    4.2 To identify training requirements through appraisal and agree training programme.
    4.3 The Employment Committee will consider applications submitted for a job vacancy and short list for interview normally between 3 and five candidates.
    4.4 The Employment Committee will interview candidates and recommend appointment to the full Parish Council.
  5. Meetings
    5.1 Meetings will be held as required to discuss staffing issues.
    5.2 Meetings will be held as required and in accordance with the time scales set down in the advertisements describing a job vacancy and, as required, for the interview of applicants for employment.
    5.3 Meetings will not be open to members of the public.
  6. Complaints
    6.1 To receive and consider any complaints made under the Council’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure
    6.2 To investigate and, where appropriate, appoint a panel to hear complaints made under the Council’s Resolution, Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures with full delegated responsibility to take whatever action necessary. If felt necessary, it has the delegated approval to seek outside professional assistance in order to conclude a disciplinary or grievance matter, although any expenditure must be approved by the full Parish Council.
  7. Status of reports received from the Employment Committee
    7.1 Reports and minutes of the Employment Committee shall be reported to the Parish Council for approval by resolution.
  8. Matters not delegated to the Committee.
    8.1 Any matter falling within the remit of the committee which involves the introduction of a new policy or changes to existing policy, future direction and strategy. In such cases the Committee will make recommendations for approval by Full Council.

These Terms of Reference were adopted by South Petherwin Parish Council on 8th September 2021
Minute Reference: Item 12 b) 08/09/21