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Parish Council Notice Board Policy

South Petherwin Parish Council Community Notice Board Policy

The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines for usage of community notice boards and the material which can be displayed.

The objective of the policy is to facilitate the provision of community information of interest to the residents and visitors of the Parish of South Petherwin.

Community notice boards are the property of South Petherwin Parish Council. These are currently located at:

Next to the shelter/opposite the village pump (main)

Outside the school

On Tregaller Lane, near the post box

On the public toilet wall

The primary purpose of the noticeboards is to disseminate public information, and priority will always be given to Parish Council notices.

The Parish Council has the right to deny the posting of any information that does not adhere to the following guidelines:

  •  Only notices publicising activities and events or statutory public documents of non-profit, non-political organisations may be posted.
  •  Notices must publicise activities or events that are occurring within South Petherwin Parish and its immediate neighbours and have specific relevance to the community.
  •  The organisation responsible for issuing the notice must be clearly visible on the notice.
  •  The Parish Council reserves the right to remove any notice it considers inappropriate.
  •  The notice must be attached by the use of drawing pins only.  No staples permitted.
  •  The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy of notices other than their own.
  •  The Parish Council takes no responsibility for the misuse of this service.

The noticeboard on the outside of the public toilets used to belong to South Petherwin Emergency Defibrillator (SPED) and it is possible that this could be considered for local advertisements at a small charge.   To be discussed at a Parish Council meeting.

This policy was adopted by South Petherwin Parish Council at its meeting held on 12th January 2022, minute reference item 13 refers.

Linda Coles, Parish Clerk