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Minutes – November 2021

Minutes of the meeting of South Petherwin Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th November 2021, at 7pm, in South Petherwin Methodist Hall.

Present: Cllr A Finnimore (Vice Chairman), Cllr S Rogers, Cllr A Barham, Cllr A Jasper, Cllr J Barlow, Cllr J Butler and Cllr M Screech.

In Attendance: Linda Coles, Locum Parish Clerk, and Cllr Adrian Parsons, Cornwall Councillor.

There was one member of the public present.

Cllr Finnimore, Vice Chairman, chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chairman

1. Chairman’s welcome

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr P Parsons (Chairman) and Cllr R Kneebone.

3. Declarations of Interest.

a) Agenda Items. None declared.

b) Gifts. None declared.

4. Consideration of written requests for dispensation.

None received.

5. Unitary Councillors Report.

Item deferred as Cllr A Parsons was late to the meeting.

6. Public Participation.

A member of the public thanked the Parish Council for the Speed Signs. An observation is that some vehicles have slowed but others have increased their speed. The Clerk will chase regarding the Education ladies. The build-outs at Daws House are eagerly awaited as this will prevent accidents. The Resident is pleased with the proposals for Daws House and the consensus of the other residents is the same. Cllr A Parsons said that the funding is in place to deliver the scheme and feels that this will be in the Spring/Summer of 2022. There is a feeling that the speed limit should be reduced to 20mph. Action – Clerk

Cllr A Parsons said that Cornwall Council has pledged to support 20mph zones where Parish Councils have expressed an interest. There will be pilot scheme sites and Cornwall Council is seeking to use areas where the Council has supported the scheme.
It was agreed that the Clerk will express the Parish Council’s interest and make a case for prioritising both Daws House and South Petherwin villages. Action – Clerk

7. Response to Public Participation.

Not applicable.

5. Unitary Councillor’s Report.

Cllr A Parsons said that Cornwall Council has a lot of online surveys out at the moment, including the 10year Transport Plan, Climate Change and feedback on the COVID Crisis. There will be an online meeting on the 20th November at 10.00am, held by the Network Panel, to discuss Climate Change. There will be a public meeting on Saturday 13th November at 7pm about the proposed closure of the Leisure Centre, in Launceston.

Cornwall Council is holding a review of the budget and needs to save £70m.

8. Planning.

a) Planning applications received before the agenda was finalised:
, Trecrogo Lane End, Westerleigh, South Petherwin. Construction of timber clad two bedroom chalet for accommodation of applicants parents. It will not be overlooking and is within the curtilage of the main property.
RESOLVED to support this application, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Rogers with all in favour.

b) Planning applications received after the agenda was published: None.

c) Planning decisions notified by Cornwall Council:
, Alan Snow AG Engineers, Kennards House, Launceston PL15 7EZ. Extension of existing commercial premises. APPROVED

d) Other Planning Matters. None.

9. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th October 2021.

It was RESOLVED that the above Minutes are a true record of that meeting. Proposed by Cllr Jasper, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour.

10. Matters Arising from the above Minutes

Details of the Jubilee Beacon were briefly discussed.

11. Policies

a) Grants Policy. Deferred to the next meeting.

12. Highway and Footpath Matters.

a) Trelinnoe Gardens/Close footpath adoption. The Clerk has tried to contact the Countryside Access team at Cornwall Council to find out the way forward with the Modification Pack, but has received no reply to date. Cllr A Parsons said that he will help the Clerk with this if necessary. Action – Clerk

b) Speed Awareness Campaign. Already covered. Action – Clerk

c) Sign for Tregaller Lane. Cllr Butler has spoken to the gentleman who had asked for a Tregaller Lane Sign. The Clerk will contact Oliver Jones, Highways, to discuss.
The Clerk will chase up the Contractor who said that he would repair the Notice Boards etc. Action – Clerk

d) The Traffic Calming Feasibility Study incorporates quite a lot of the proposals of the Speed Awareness Group. Cllr Barlow observed that a zebra crossing is needed near Trelinnoe Gardens and St Paternus Close and also in the Tiny Meadows area. The Clerk will look at this, adding the Council’s wish for zebra crossings and a 20mph speed limit. Cllr Barham proposed, Cllr Screech seconded and all were in favour. Action – Clerk

13. Dog Bins. Deferred to the next meeting.

Action – Clerk

14. Purchase of Triangle at Trecrogo.

Following discussion it was RESOLVED that no further action at this time will be taken on this matter, proposed by Cllr Butler, seconded by Cllr Rogers with six Members in favour and one abstention.

15. Correspondence

a) Letter from resident re traffic calming, item 11d) above. Already covered.

b) Planning training link for 30th November. Noted.

c) Public meeting on the future of Launceston Leisure Centre, Saturday 13th November at 7pm. Already covered.

d) Temporary speed restriction on B3254. Notice of intention by SWW. Noted

e) Let’s take Climate Action. Link for attending the Network Panel meeting Saturday 20th November at 10.00am. Already covered.

f) Environmental Health issue. The Clerk has received two emails from residents about the smell emanating from Botathan Farm. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk will contact Environmental Health, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour.

g) Traffic calming measures. Two emails have been received concerning the traffic calming measures, much of which has been covered in the items above. However, the question was asked about whether the build outs at Daws House are in addition to the painted lines at the side of the road. It is felt that they are in addition.

16. Finance

a) Payments. Cllr Barham declared an interest in the payment for South Petherwin Parish Magazine and left the room. It was RESOLVED to make the following payments, proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Rogers with all in favour:

  • Chq 30001 – L Coles, Clerk’s salary etc. for October
  • Chq 300002 – HMRC, PAYE for Clerk, October
  • Chq 300003 – A Peerless, October toilet cleaning – £56.00
  • Chq 300004 – Source for Business, water bill for the Public Toilets – £35.49
  • Chq 300005 – L Coles, purchase of wreaths for Remembrance Day – £40.00
  • Chq 300006 – JAM Sanders, Footpaths, LMP £150; parish £42 – £192.00
  • Chq 300007 – Sth Petherwin Parish Magazine, share of website costs – £120.00
  • Chq 100806 – HSBC balance of current account to Unity Trust – £13848.21
  • Chq 100807 – HSBC balance of deposit account to Unity Trust – £21103.53

Receipts: None

Cllr Barham came back to the meeting.

b) Bank Reconciliations. It was RESOLVED that the bank reconciliations for October are correct, proposed by Cllr Jasper, seconded by Cllr Barham with all in favour. As at the 31st October 2021 the bank balance is a total of £35,951.74.

c) Unity Trust Bank Account. Cllr P Parsons and Cllr Finnimore have been to HSBC and transferred the balance of the deposit account to the current account so that the Clerk can transfer the balances by cheque (see above payments) to Unity Trust bank.

d) Budget and Precept 2022/2023. (Copies circulated to Members). Deferred until the December meeting to allow Members to look at.

e) Grant Application from St Paternus Church. Deferred to the next meeting.

17. Any Other Business

No matters brought forward

18. Items for inclusion in future meetings

  • Grants Policy
  • Dog Bins
  • Budget and Precept 2022/23
  • Grant Application from St Paternus Church

Action – Clerk

19. Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 8th December 2021 at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel Hall.

There being no further business to transact the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.32 hrs.