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Minutes – March 2023

Minutes of the meeting of South Petherwin Parish Council held on Wednesday 8th March 2023, at 7pm, in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Present: Cllr P Parsons (Chairman), Cllr A Barham (Vice Chair), Cllr J Barlow, Cllr M Screech, Cllr S Sleep, Cllr A Jasper and Cllr A Finnimore
In Attendance: Linda Coles, Parish Clerk

There were 2 members of the public present.

  1. Chairman’s Welcome. Cllr Parsons welcomed all to the meeting.
  2. Apologies. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr J Butler and Cllr R Kneebone. k
  3. Declarations of Interest.
    Agenda Items. None declared.
    Gifts. None declared.
  4. Consideration of written requests for dispensation. None received.
  5. Unitary Councillors’ Report. Cllr A Parsons was not present.
  6. Public Participation. A member of the public asked about the posting of the agenda and policies on the Parish Council website.
  7. Response to public participation. The Clerk will look at the published policies and update where necessary. Action: Clerk
  8. Planning.
    a) Planning applications received before the agenda was finalised:
    PA23/01446, land South of Tolpetherwin, South Petherwin Launceston. Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators for proposed base station installation upgrade to the existing 15.0m high Monopole. Proposed removal and replacement of the existing 15m high Phase 1.5 monopole with proposed 17.5m CU Phosco Phase 4.5 Monopole and existing 3No. Antennas with proposed 3No. Antennas. Proposed installation of 1No. 300mm Dish, 1No. Cabinet and associated ancillary works. Existing Meter Cabinet to be refreshed and relocated. It was RESOLVED to support this application. Proposed by Cllr Screech, seconded by Cllr Finnimore with all in favour.
    b) Planning applications received after the agenda was published: None.
    c) Planning decisions notified by Cornwall Council: none
  9. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th February 2023.
    It was RESOLVED that the Minutes are a true record of the above meeting Proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour who had been present at that meeting.
  10. Matters Arising. The quote for the bus shelter is in hand.
  11. Casual Vacancy. The official Notice has been put up and the vacancy can be co-opted if an election has not been called for by the 24th March.
  12. Launceston Leisure Centre. The Centre has reopened and is doing really well.
  13. Telephone Kiosk. The use of the kiosk will be the subject of an article in the Parish Magazine to invite people to come forward to decorate it and use it to display various projects.
    Cllr Barlow has cleared the Blackthorn from the side of the kiosk.
  14. King’s Coronation. The Working Party will meet by Zoom on Monday 13th March at 7pm.
    It was RESOLVED to purchase 500 Coronation coins to go out with the parish magazine, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour. Action: Clerk
  15. School Parking. The Clerk will arrange a meeting on 15th March at 11.00am with Oliver Jones, Highways. Action: Clerk
  16. Defibrillator. The Clerk has added the defibrillator to the Asset Register.
  17. A30/B3257 Junction at Bodmin Moor Services (Plusha).
    The Clerk reported that the junction is closed 1st-10th March for roadworks.
  18. Highway and Footpath matters
    i) Daws House. Road Safety Audit. A proposal was put forward to move the telegraph pole to increase visibility. This will be discussed with Oliver Jones at Wednesday’s meeting as will moving the top build out.
    ii) The Clerk has received a reply regarding the pilot schemes for rolling out the 20mph speed limits, which is that all of the schemes have got to be approved by the Cabinet.
    iii) The Chairman has looked at signs from Elan City and there is an updated one due to be released. In principle it is agreed that the Parish Council will install a VAS but will wait for the updated version.
  19. Correspondence.
    a) Email from resident regarding the lighting at the Church. The bulbs will be updated to LED. A technical specification has already been completed and a new unit is needed. The Chairman will get three quotes for the work. Proposed by Cllr Jasper, seconded by Cllr Barham with all in favour. The Clerk will reply to the resident. Action: Clerk
    b) Cornwall Council 2023 Off Street Parking Order – Noted.
  20. Finance. Cllr Parsons and Cllr Barham declared an interest in one of the payments and Cllr Parsons declared an interest in the Footpath quote and left the room, the Chairman having handed the Chair to Cllr Finnimore, proposed by Cllr Screech, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour.
    a) Payments. It was RESOLVED to make the following payments, proposed by Cllr Jasper, seconded by Cllr Barlow, with all in favour.
    • Online – L Coles, Clerk’s salary etc. for February
    • Online – South Petherwin Magazine, website maintenance – £221.00
    Online – HMRC, Clerk’s PAYE for February – £94.40**
    Online – A Peerless, Toilet and bus shelter cleaning – £56.00**
    ** These payments were duplicated by Unity Trust Bank in February’s payments so have already been paid. The Chairman read out the apology from the bank.
    Receipts: None
    It was RESOLVED to accept the Footpath quote, proposed by Cllr Sleep, seconded by Cllr Jasper with all in favour. Cllr Parsons and Cllr Barham returned to the meeting and Cllr Parsons retook the Chair.
    b) Bank Reconciliations. It was RESOLVED that the bank reconciliation for February is correct, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Finnimore with all in favour.
    As at the 28th February 2023 the bank balances total £33,802.37.
  21. Any Other Business
    It was reported the take-up for the First Aid session at the village hall on Saturday 25th March is good.
    The double yellow lines past the pump need refreshing.
    The Flag Pole on the Church is no longer working properly and is rotting out. Cllr Parsons will get some quotes for a new one and then funding can be discussed. Action: PP
    The Clerk will attend the 16th March Community Network meeting.
  22. Items for Inclusion in Future Meetings. Action: Clerk
    • Casual Vacancy
    • General Power of Competence
    • School Parking
    • Flashing Speed Sign
  23. Date and Time of next Meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 12th April 2023 at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Meeting closed at 20.07 hours.