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Minutes – July 2022

Minutes of the meeting of South Petherwin Parish Council held on Wednesday 13th July 2022, at 7pm, in South Petherwin Village Hall.

Present: Cllr A Barham (Vice Chair), Cllr M Screech, Cllr J Butler, Cllr J Barlow, Cllr A Finnimore and Cllr R Kneebone

In Attendance: Linda Coles, Parish Clerk and Cllr A Parsons, Cornwall Councillor.

There were eight members of the public present.

Cllr A Barham, Vice Chair, chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chairman

  1. Chairman’s Welcome. Cllr A Barham welcomed all to the meeting.
  2. Apologies. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr P Parsons (Chairman), Cllr A Jasper and Cllr S Rogers.
  3. Declarations of Interest.
    ⦁ Agenda Items. Cllr Butler declared an interest in PA22/06100. Cllr Finnimore declared an interest in PA22/06100.
    ⦁ Gifts. None declared.
  4. Consideration of written requests for dispensation. None received.
  5. Public Participation. This item was moved up the Agenda because Cllr A Parsons had not arrived.
    A member of the public spoke about PA22/06100, outline permission for up to 3 dwellings. He
    disagrees with the term ‘infill’ and is opposed to it, saying that residential houses is not a good idea.
    Another member of the public asked whether there is to be a public consultation. The Clerk advised
    her to put any comments on the Planning Portal, Cornwall Council website. Another member of the
    public concurred with the previous comments.
    One member of the public asked if there was an update on the repairs to the Village Pump. Andrew
    Hoskin is going to do the repair and the Clerk will speak to him.
    A member of the public spoke about PA22/05271, which she supports, but would like clarification on the use of the access road. Another member of the public said that PA22/05271 is their application, change of use from office block to residential dwelling, and they have purchased a strip of land from Kensey Foods to make the garden bigger.
  6. Unitary Councillor’s Report
    Cllr A Parsons apologised for being late to the meeting.
    He attended a full council meeting last week at County Hall, for which the agenda was very small, with less items to vote on. More decisions are being taken by the Cabinet.
    The Capital Programme budget update on waste and recycling was moved to a closed session. The vote supported this budget and £30m will be added to the £60m Waste and Recycling Contract.
    It was unanimously supported to cut the Day Centre at Launceston, users will now have to travel to Liskeard.
    There is no update on the proposals for Launceston Leisure Centre.
    The Stadium for Cornwall plans have been withdrawn at this time.
    Funding has been cut for the Royal Cornwall Museum at Truro.
    Cornwall Council is still looking at merging Launceston and Bude Network Areas.
    A Feasibility Study is being carried out on the A388 Launceston to Callington Road and it is hoped to work with the parishes that bound the road.
    The £10.5m expansion to Launceston College is nearing completion.
    A meeting on Monday was held at Daws House between Oliver Jones, Highways, and the Parish Council, and Cllr Parsons will continue to push for what was discussed and that which Oliver Jones agreed to do. The lining needs to be put in place and the scheme should have been finished properly. A retired traffic policeman has said that he has never seen such a bad piece of highway engineering.
  7. Response to public participation. Not applicable.
  8. Planning.
    a) Planning applications received before the agenda was finalised:
    PA22/05730, Grove Villa, Road from Hurdon Road to Little Comfort, Tregada, Launceston, Cornwall. Householder application for single storey rear extension and side extension to dwelling. The plans were circulated, looked at and discussed. Cllr Kneebone had visited the site earlier in the day. It was RESOLVED to support the application, proposed by Cllr Kneebone, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour.
    PA22/05271, Tresmarrow House, Road from Trebursye Cottage to Tresmarrow, Trebursye, Launceston. Change of use from office and training centre to residential house. The plans were circulated, looked at and discussed. There will be no structural change and it is the best use of the building. It was RESOLVED to support the application, proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Finnimore with all in favour.
    Cllr Butler and Cllr Finnimore left the room, having both declared an interest in:
    PA22/06100, Land Adj to Rycroft, Tregaller Lane, South Petherwin, Launceston. Outline planning permission with some matters reserved for – Erection of up to three dwellings. The plans were circulated, looked at and discussed and comments made during public participation were considered. Cllr Barlow questioned whether there was a need for three dwellings and would prefer to see one dwelling as a bungalow to fit with the existing street scene. There were questions about the pull-in and whether parking would make the lane narrower than at present. Widening would need to be in keeping with three dwellings. It was agreed that the building need to be set further back to allow more parking off road. It was RESOLVED to support the application taking into account the above views expressed, proposed by Cllr Kneebone, seconded by Cllr Screech, three votes for and one abstention.
    Cllr Butler and Cllr Finnimore returned to the meeting.
    b) Planning applications received after the agenda was published: None.
    c) Planning decisions notified by Cornwall Council:
    PA22/03906, Construction of building containing 8 units for Class B8 use at Pennygillam Industrial Estate – Approved.
    PA22/03758 Tregillis Gate Office – Withdrawn.
    d) Other Planning Matters. None
  9. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th June.
    It was RESOLVED that the Minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 8th June be approved as a true record of that meeting. Proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Screech with all in favour who had been present at the meetings.
  10. Matters Arising from the Minutes, not an agenda item. None
  11. Launceston Forest. No update.
  12. CPR Training. Cllr Barlow will contact organisations and get costs of training.
  13. Dog Bins and Notice Boards.
    It was RESOLVED that the Clerk will purchase a Jubilee Bin for Tregaller Lane, cost £576.04+VAT, proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Butler with all in favour. The Clerk will progress a maintenance contract with Biffa.
    The Clerk will ask Andrew Hoskin to repair the Notice Boards as necessary (all three) and to add a lock to the main one at the Bus Stop. Cllr Barlow has painted the Notice Board at the Bus Stop but it may still need some repair.
  14. A30/B3257 Junction at Bodmin Moor Services (Plusha). No update.
  15. Highway and Footpath Matters.
    a) Daws House. Update on the meeting with Oliver Jones (OJ), Highways.
    Reported meeting on Daws House Traffic Calming Scheme, Monday 11th July. It was agreed that the scheme is not finished and white stop lines have still to be painted at both ends and a line defining pedestrian walk area. OJ has agreed to have the vegetation cut back from the Tregaller Lane turning to the top, on the left and Highways will write to the landowners informing them that this is their responsibility and must be carried out in the Autumn and Spring. Once all of the above have been completed a Road Safety Audit will be carried out. This is an independent audit and not carried out by Cornwall Council itself. It was agreed that the Clerk will ask OJ for a timeframe for the work to be completed and for the Safety Audit to be carried out as soon as possible. The Clerk will also ask OJ to revisit the plans for the scheme and ensure that the build-outs are in the right place as agreed originally. The bottom build-out is questionable and is an issue for the people living there. It was also agreed that the Clerk will contact Cornwall and Devon Police Resource Allocation Unit and ask for the police to put in a Highways Defect Report.
  16. Correspondence. None
  17. Finance
    a) Payments. It was RESOLVED to make the following payments, proposed by Cllr Butler, seconded by Cllr Barham with all in favour:
    ⦁ Online – L Coles, Clerk’s salary etc. for June
    ⦁ Online – HMRC, PAYE for Clerk, June
    ⦁ Online – A Peerless, June toilet cleaning, plus materials – £56.00
    ⦁ Online – South Petherwin Village Hall, hire of hall for June meeting – £12.00
    ⦁ Online – Parish Magazine Printing, Jubilee Leaflet – £74.97
    ⦁ Online – Celebration Pyrotechnics, VAT element of invoice – £380.00
    ⦁ Online – EDF Energy, Electricity for toilets – £31.49
    ⦁ £246.46 Donations from Jubilee Cream Teas
    ⦁ £400.00, Community Chest Funding from Cllr A Parsons, for Jubilee Event

b) Bank Reconciliations. It was RESOLVED that the bank reconciliations for June are correct, proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Screech with all in favour. As at the 30th June 2022 the bank balances total £35,805.76.
c) It was RESOLVED that there will only be a meeting in August if there is any time-sensitive planning
applications to discuss, proposed by Cllr Finnimore, seconded by Cllr Kneebone with all in favour.
It was RESOLVED that the payment for the Clerk’s July salary and PAYE, and the Cleaner’s invoice,
will be made on application by the RFO, and payments will be ratified at the September meeting.
Proposed by Cllr Barlow, seconded by Cllr Barham with all in favour.

  1. Any Other Business
    Cllr Barlow spoke about the damage to the Pump and the extensive graffiti in the Bus Shelter. Fortunately, the shelter was painted with anti-graffiti paint and so this was easily washed off. A resident witnessed the perpetrator and CCTV is being handed to the Police to follow up. The vandalism has now expanded to the School and one of its walls has been spray-painted as has the Bus Shelter opposite Bluebell Cottages, There is also some graffiti in the Church porch and the Police are now involved.
    The Police have suggested that the Pulse Bus visits the village, The Clerk will investigate the costs of this and what it actually does.
    The postponed June coffee morning will be held in late September.
    The Clerk handed round copies of Financial Regulations, a Financial Risk Assessment to be adopted at the September meeting.
    The Clerk has compiled a Diary of the Protocols for Operation London Bridge and an action plan, which includes purchasing some items and the Clerk will cost out and inform Council at the September meeting.
    The Clerk will contact Launceston Town Council about the worn white lines at Pennygillam
  2. Items for Inclusion in Future Meetings. None brought forward.
  3. Date and Time of next Meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 14th September 2022 at 7pm in South Petherwin Village Hall.
    Meeting closed at 20.35 hours.