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Minutes – January 2023

Minutes of the meeting of South Petherwin Parish Council held on Wednesday 11th January, at 7pm, in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Present: Cllr P Parsons (Chairman), Cllr A Barham (Vice Chair), Cllr J Barlow, Cllr S Sleep, Cllr J Butler, Cllr R Kneebone.

In Attendance: Linda Coles, Parish Clerk and Cllr A parsons, Cornwall Council.

There were two members of the public present.

1.Chairman’s Welcome.

Cllr Parsons welcomed all to the meeting.


Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr A Jasper.

3.Declarations of Interest.

  • Agenda Items. None declared.
  • Gifts. None declared.

4.Consideration of written requests for dispensation.

None received.

5.Unitary Councillors’ Report.

Cllr Parsons reported that the Cornwall Council gritting lorries have been busy during the recent cold snap.

It is likely that in April 2023 there will be a vote of the full council on whether there should be a referendum on a Mayor for Cornwall.

The signs are more positive for Launceston Leisure Centre and it hopeful that a viable solution is being sought to save it. However, it may be closed whilst essential repairs are made to the fabric of the building.

There has been a meeting with National Highways following the serious accident at the Plusha Junction a couple of months ago.

6.Public Participation.

A member of the public said that it is hoped that South Petherwin Parish Council is actively involved in the project for the forest for Launceston particularly as the forest will be in its Parish.

7.Response to public participation.

Not applicable.


a) Planning applications received before the agenda was finalised: None
b) Planning applications received after the agenda was published: None.
c) Planning decisions notified by Cornwall Council: None

9.Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21st December 2022.

It was RESOLVED that the Minutes are a true record of the above meeting subject to the change of the next meeting which should have read January and not February. Proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Butler with all in favour who had been present at the meeting.

Matters arising from the Minutes, not an agenda item. None

10.Matters Arising.


11.Launceston Leisure Centre.

Already Covered.

12.Telephone Kiosk.

Cllr Barham thanked the people that decorated the telephone kiosk for Christmas, on behalf of the Parish Council. It was RESOLVED that an article will be put in the Parish Magazine inviting people to come forward to decorate it and use it to display various projects, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Butler with all in favour.

Cllr Barlow was thanked for cutting back the brambles around the kiosk and for decorating the Village Pump for Christmas.

13.King’s Coronation

The Clerk has collected some information on decorations for the King’s Coronation, which was passed to the Chairman, and has made enquiries on prices for memorabilia. There will be a Working Party, as with the Jubilee.

14.Coffee Mornings.

There will be a coffee morning on Saturday the 11th February 10am -12noon at the Methodist Hall, Clerk to check availability. This will be an opportunity for the Parish Council to present the Road Safety Audit for Daws House and to outline plans for the King’s Coronation. Action: Clerk

15.A30/B3257 Junction at Bodmin Moor Services (Plusha).

The Clerk will write to National Highways, Scott Mann MP, Community Link Officer and Cllr A Parsons stating that the Parish Council preference of the options given by National Highways is number 5, a grade separation junction. Action: Clerk

16.Highway and Footpath matters

(i) Daws House. Road Safety Audit was circulated. The sign height is going to be made higher and the plastic bollards are to be changed. The hedges will be cut back to increase visibility. Speed camera bikes are being deployed. The Parish Council feels that the island at the top of Daws House is not situated in the right place. The Clerk will ask Oliver Jones, Highways, if it is possible to move it, even a few feet, to negate the blind spot. The lines at the junction of Tregaller Lane need to be brought in line with the splays so that there is more visibility. Action: Clerk


a) Email regarding water running down B3254 past the Old Vicarage. The Chairman has spoken to Highways and the water is not going into the drain. Cameras have been booked to ascertain where the blockages are and hopefully the issue will be remedied. The Clerk will reply to the correspondent. Action: Clerk
b) Road Closures – the Clerk read out the following road closures:
Road from Hurdon Road to Little Comfort, Launceston. 23rd January to 17th February (24 hours). Wales and West Utilities Tel: 0800 3722 999
A30 to Trecondon, Launceston. 26th January to 26th January (07.30 -18.00 hours)
R & D water Engineers Tel: 01237 423798


a) Payments. It was RESOLVED to make the following payments, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Barlow, with all in favour.

  • Online – L Coles, Clerk’s salary etc. for December
  • Online – HMRC, PAYE for Clerk, December
  • Online – A Peerless, December toilet cleaning – £56.00
  • Direct Debit – Quarterly bank charge – £18.00

Receipts: Bank Interest to deposit account – £68.60

b) Bank Reconciliations. It was RESOLVED that the bank reconciliation for December is correct, proposed by Cllr Butler, seconded by Cllr Finnimore with all in favour. As at the 31st December 2022 the bank balances total £35,217.26

19.Any Other Business

There are two large trees in Trelinnoe Close which are bending dangerously in the high winds. The trees in the lane need to be pollarded and the Clerk will chase this up with Highways. Action: Clerk

The Clerk will set up a February meeting with Highways at the School to discuss the parking etc. by extending the lay-by or tarmacking the verge. Action: Clerk
Cllr Kneebone reported that the gully is blocked in Tredivett Lane and needs unblocking and there is also a bad pothole on the bend. The Clerk will report. Action: Clerk

The Clerk said that the Salt Bins should be refilled this week.

20.Items for Inclusion in Future Meetings.

  • Launceston Leisure Centre
  • Telephone Box
  • King’s Coronation
  • School Parking

21.Date and Time of next Meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 8th February 2023 at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Meeting closed at 20.15 hours.