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Minutes – February 2023

Minutes of the meeting of South Petherwin Parish Council held on Wednesday 8th February, at 7pm, in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Present: Cllr P Parsons (Chairman), Cllr A Barham (Vice Chair), Cllr J Barlow, and Cllr A Finnimore
In Attendance: Linda Coles, Parish Clerk

There was one members of the public present.

  1. Chairman’s Welcome. Cllr Parsons welcomed all to the meeting.
  2. Apologies. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr A Jasper, Cllr J Butler, Cllr M Screech, Cllr R Kneebone. Cllr A Parsons, Cornwall Councillor, also sent apologies.
    It was noted that Cllr S Rogers has not attended a meeting for six months and the Clerk will write to him advising that this being the case he is no longer a Member of South Petherwin Parish Council. The Clerk will notify Electoral Services, Cornwall Council and the vacancy will be advertised accordingly.
    Action: Clerk
  3. Declarations of Interest.
    a) Agenda Items. Cllr P Parsons registered a pecuniary interest in Item 8a) PA22/11018.
    Gifts. None declared.
  4. Consideration of written requests for dispensation. None received.
  5. Unitary Councillors’ Report. Cllr Parsons had sent an emailed report which was read out by the Chairman. The Clerk had circulated this email to the Members prior to the meeting. Noted
  6. Public Participation. Nothing brought forward.
  7. Response to public participation. Not applicable.
  8. Planning.
    a) Planning applications received before the agenda was finalised:
    Cllr Parsons left the room having declared an Interest in this item.
    PA22/11018, Tregillis Gate Office, Hendra Lane, South Petherwin Launceston. Development of a single storey building (Use Class E) to replace an inadequate workshop and office building; with retrospective permission sought for an extension to the curtilage of the site. The Clerk pointed out that the development was Class E (g) which is the equivalent of the old B1 Class, office use. The remaining Members present discussed the application and agreed that in principle they would support it. However, not being quorate, a resolution or vote could not be taken.
    Cllr Parsons returned to the meeting.
    b) Planning applications received after the agenda was published: None.
    c) Planning decisions notified by Cornwall Council:
    PA22/08474, West Honiton Barn, Honiton Lane, South Petherwin, PL15 7LJ. Erection of an extension to a dwelling. APPROVED
    PA22/10235, Land South of The Old Stable, South Petherwin, Launceston PL15 7JT. Outline application for one new dwelling, with all matters reserved except for access. APPROVED
  9. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 11th January 2023.
    It was RESOLVED that the Minutes are a true record of the above meeting Proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour who.
  10. Matters Arising. None
  11. Launceston Leisure Centre.
    The Centre intends to open next week but is still waiting to hear about funding.
  12. Telephone Kiosk.
    The use of the kiosk will be raised at the Coffee Morning on Saturday 11th February and article in the Parish Magazine to invite people to come forward to decorate it and use it to display various projects.
    Cllr Barlow was thanked for clearing around the kiosk.
  13. King’s Coronation. The Working Party will meet by Zoom on Monday 13th February at 7pm.
  14. School Parking
    The Clerk will arrange a meeting with Oliver Jones, Highways. Action: Clerk
  15. Defibrillator. The Clerk will add the defibrillator to the Parish Asset Register and have it included in the Council’s insurance policy. Action: Clerk
  16. A30/B3257 Junction at Bodmin Moor Services (Plusha).
    The Clerk will respond to the email from National Highways and state that the Parish Council is not in agreement with the proposed temporary measures to close the junction and will only support a graded separation of the junction. Action: Clerk
  17. Highway and Footpath matters
    i) Daws House. Road Safety Audit. This will be available at the coffee morning for parishioners to view.
    ii) In March 2023 Cornwall Council will make a decision on the 20mph speed limits through villages. The Clerk will email and say that the Parish Council would like South Petherwin and Daws House to be considered as one of the early pilot projects. Action: Clerk
    iii) A flashing speed sign will be an agenda item for the next PC meeting. Action Clerk
  18. Correspondence.
    a) Letter from Tamar Toll Action Group. It was felt that this does not affect South Petherwin. Noted
    b) Letter from Cornerstone re proposed Base Station upgrade at Cornerstone 12368801. The Clerk will reply and say that the Parish Council supports connectivity although the letter appertains to a location in Lewannick Parish. Action: Clerk
  19. Finance
    a) Payments. It was RESOLVED to make the following payments, proposed by Cllr Barham, seconded by Cllr Finnimore, with all in favour.
    • Online – L Coles, Clerk’s salary etc. for January
    • Online – HMRC, PAYE for Clerk, January
    • Online – A Peerless, January toilet cleaning – £56.00
    • Online – EDF Energy, electricity for toilets – £68.84
    • Online – Source for Business, water for toilets – £68.37
    Receipts: None
    b) Bank Reconciliations. It was RESOLVED that the bank reconciliation for Janaury is correct, proposed by Cllr Finnimore, seconded by Cllr Barlow with all in favour. As at the 31st January 2023 the bank balances total £34,653.62
  20. Any Other Business
    It was reported the Village Hall Committee is running a First Aid session at the hall on Saturday 25th March from 2pm to 4pm.
    The trees overhanging the toilet are coming across the road. The Clerk will write to the landowner.
    The bus shelter needs repainting and its woodwork needs repair. Cllr Barlow will get an estimate for the woodwork repair and the cost of paint, including anti-graffiti paint. The guttering also needs replacing.
    Littering is a problem and an article in the Parish Magazine will highlight this.
    The Chairman will email all of the Members to remind them about the Coffee Morning on Saturday.
  21. Items for Inclusion in Future Meetings.
    • Casual Vacancy
    • Launceston Leisure Centre
    • Telephone Box
    • King’s Coronation
    • School Parking
    • Flashing Speed Sign
  22. Date and Time of next Meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 8th March 2023 at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel Hall, South Petherwin.

Meeting closed at 20.00 hours.