Council Business Policy during COVID-19 Restrictions


To adhere with Government restrictions, and to protect Council members and the public from COVID-19 infection, the Parish Council will not hold meetings until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Scheme of Delegation

Authority is delegated to the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Clerk to make decisions on the ordinary business of the Council. All papers will be circulated by email to Council members for input, the collated input will be disseminated by the Clerk and signed off by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Monthly draft ‘minutes’ will be released, circulated to the Council members and posted on the Parish Council pages of the Parish website, detailing the decisions that have been made. All draft minutes will be signed off at the next full Council meeting post COVID-19 restrictions.


On notification of planning applications the Clerk will circulate the details to Council members who will, within a week, email the Clerk with any comments. The applications will also be displayed on the Parish Council pages of the Parish website where the public can also comment (to the Parish Council Clerk via email within one week). The Clerk will draft a consolidated response to Cornwall Council, approved by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


A schedule of payments to be made will be sent to the Council members for approval. Once approved cheques will be signed by two Council members and distributed to payees. Bank reconciliations will to be produced monthly and circulated to Council members within the draft minutes.

Statutory Functions

The Parish Council will act in accordance with Government guidelines, when published, with regard to the Parish Council Annual General meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be postponed, new date to be agreed on conclusion of of COVID-19 restrictions.

An extension to the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) has been granted to 30 September 2020. Ahead of this EOY accounts will be circulated to Council members and posted on the Parish Council pages of the Parish website.

The Clerk will keep the Parish Council members informed of changes to Government guidelines and legislation during COVID-19 restrictions.