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Corn Harvest at West Petherwin Farm 2017

Its been a very hard summer for the corn harvest, Phil Parsons of West Petherwin Farm commented ” if I could harvest a wet crop and sell it  wet then this would be a record year!” Although this field pictured produced over 2 tonnes an acre which is good considering the year. Mind you the grain didn’t as much run out the trailer, but rather flopped!!

2017 South Petherwin AGM
2017 South Petherwin Parish Council AGM   2017 South Petherwin Parish Council AGM
On Wednesday 19th April the Annual General Parish Meeting took place at  South Petherwin Village Hall. The chairman, Judy Butler presented the Parish Council report including the very much improved resurfaced church footpath. Various other community groups, organisations and the County Councillor presented their reports. Although some were read by the parish clerk  Alison Barham.
The Bell ringers report by Nigel Parker reminded everyone that the new church clock face would be fully installed by the end of the month. It was first installed in 1901.
Church Clock Faces

St. Paternus Church clock face re-establishment April 13th 2017St. Paternus Church clock face re-establishment April 13th 2017

On Thursday April 13th Barry from Gillett and Johnson returned with the refurbished clock faces. All was duly in place with the abseilers at the ready only for a small crack to be seen in one of the faces, probably caused by friction during transport. Although this would have little impact on the face, Barry’s insistence that the quality has to be spot on meant that this face would have to be returned to the London works to be repaired. So, with just the one face to be fixed into place, it was decided that they would work on the eastern side of the tower and after some dangling of the plumb line, the abseilers finally had the face dead on. (It has to be said ably guided by Barry and his rule of thumb). Things even then didn’t go quite to plan, as the abseilers perched one behind the other so as to have some purchase, found that the centuries old Tower would not relent to anything but a fully sharp drill, and so with a flurry of ropes a sharp drill bit was despatched and finally after a couple of hours the face was back in place ready to smile the time away for several more years. It is anticipated that the final face will be installed by the end of the month.



The Church Clock is having a face lift. Sue Vernon, of the Bell Ringers Clock Restoration Fund, was overjoyed to meet with the clock restoration company engineer as he coordinated the removal of the clock face and hands by two qualified climbers.

The Bell Ringers had to raise £8,653.68 for the dial refurbishment & machinery overhaul, which has been achieved. Due to it taking so long to raise the funds, it has been decided for now to put the automation of the clock on the back burner for now, what with the prices continually rising and the grants having a time fixed period.

The work will take anything from 2 – 6 weeks and an announcement as to their refit will be made as this could possibly be part of a continued fund raising event.


The annual parish Carol Service was held at St Paternus Church on Sunday 18th December. The service  started and finished with a Lantern Procession by the local children. This was followed by  various members of the community reading the Christmas lessons and  poetry. Abigail sang a Christmas poem by Charles Causley,  ‘Mary’s Song’. Well done to the Lantern makers and the organisers behind this  seasonal event.

Queens Birthday 4                                  Queens Birthday 3

The Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations took place at South Petherwin Parish Hall on Sunday 12th June. From 2-4.30pm Parishioners came to enjoy a Cream Tea along with the choice of a Royal Trail and 22 questions. This included a questions about the Queen such as naming her favourite TV programme? along with following a trail of 22 letters around the village. Each letter put together formed her majesties three christian names Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. The Parish Council promoted the event with help from Sue Vernon and Parish Councillor Phil Parsons. Both would like to thank all who supported and helped. Including Councillors and Parishioners who cooked, washed, served and Stewarded the event.

Queens Birthday 2                       Queens Birthday 5


Proposed development of land at West Petherwin


On Wednesday 4th May at the South Petherwin Methodist Chapel Hall plans were unveiled for a proposed 50 house residential development on land to the west of the village at West Petherwin farm. The landowner, Phil Parsons with his architect were on hand to discuss the proposal to a steady stream of concerned parishioners (below). At this time there has been no planning approval sought, with the public consultation being held to seek the opinions of the parish.

West Petherwin development plan consultation May 4th 2016                                  West Petherwin proposed development presentation

The proposed scheme is for 50 residential homes with a separate area set aside for recreational use by the village on the opposite side of the lane that services West Petherwin Farm (see the two plans below which will open when clicked). If you have any comments on this there is an online questionaire at    Pre-application planning no. PA16/01513/PREAPP

West-Petherwin-development-plan-2016-2        West-Petherwin-development-plan-2016