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South Petherwin Parish lies 2 miles to the south west of Launceston in the county of Cornwall. Along with the hamlets of Daws House, Trebursye, Tregaller and Trecrogo it covers an area of 2,054 hectares.The majority of the area is given over to agriculture, although part of the Parish covers Launceston’s Pennygillam Industrial Estate.
It is bounded on the north by St Thomas-by-Launceston and St Mary  Magdalene, Launceston, on the east by Launceston, Lawhitton and Lezant, on the south by Lezant and Lewannick, and on the west by Trewen and St Thomas-by-Launceston. The town of Launceston provides employment for many of the population of this parish, which lies in an agricultural area one and a half miles to the west of the town and on the north-eastern bank of the River Inny. Slate quarrying was an important industry in the 19th century. A significant part of the area is considered an ‘Area of Great Landscape Value’ and the Parish contains some ‘Cornwall Nature Conservation Sites’ as well as having a ‘Regionally Important Geographical/Geomorphological Site’. The Parish also includes 41 listed buildings and 3 scheduled monuments.
The Parish’s population is roughly 1,000 grouped in just over 390 households. 55% of the population is over forty. 12.4% of families in the South Petherwin ward, which includes Lawhitton and St. Thomas parish’s, are in receipt of means tested benefit, making it the second least ‘income deprived’ ward in North Cornwall. 88 % of South Petherwin ward households have access to a car, which is significantly higher than both the North Cornwall (79.9%) and UK (67.4%) averages. There were 24 Business properties paying rates in the Parish during 2001/2002.
The main village in the Parish, South Petherwin, has the key services of a  Village Hall, a Public House, the Frog and Bucket (formerly the Winds Of Change), a Primary School and a Daily bus route. South Petherwin also has the important services of a Mobile Library, and a Playgroup.

The Frog and Bucket, South Petherwin, February, 2019
The Frog and Bucket, South Petherwin, February 2019. Photo courtesy of Roger Pyke.
The Frog and Bucket, South Petherwin, February 2019.
The Frog and Bucket, South Petherwin, February 2019. Photo courtesy of Roger Pyke.

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