Parish Clerk

Parish Council update

We have had an update regarding the proposed speed reduction measures at Daws House. The temporary speed visor at Petherwin Water collated vehicle speed data during a monitoring phase (the speed visor appeared to be switched off) and again during a display phase. This was to determine if a ‘flashing 30’ sign would reduce incidents of motorists exceeding the speed limit. The data determined that an active display resulted in a reduction in motorists speed. Therefore it has been proposed by Cornwall Council that a permanent solar powered speed visor will be installed where the temporary speed visor is currently situated. A final approvals process will take another month or so.

South Petherwin could also be the first village in Cornwall (we believe) to have a ‘gateway’ speed reduction feature. Gateways are designed to highlight the entrance to a Parish, Town or Village and/or change of speed limit. Drivers tend to notice and accept the distinction between two speed limits when there is a more distinctive demarcation between zones. The road at the Launceston end of Daws House is wide enough for such a feature. Again this is under consultation but we should have confirmation in the coming weeks.

The outlined changes to the road markings may take longer due to the scarring caused by removing white lines. The proposed changes to the white lines will reduce the perceived width of the road which has also proven to slow motorists down. This work will not be carried out until the next round of road maintenance at Daws House; date unknown.

You may also have noticed that we have been visited by the Launceston Speed Watch team. A volunteer group that monitors the speed of vehicles in areas reported to have a speeding issue. Repeat offenders are dealt with by Cornwall and Devon Police. If you interested in becoming involved in this group please contact the Parish Council or Launceston Town Council.

On a different subject, you may be aware that the village public toilets are still out of order, for which the Parish Council apologises; the Parish Council is determining how best to replace the existing toilet with a more robust solution and they hope to have the toilets repaired within the next month.

Finally, for your information, it was decided at the last Parish Council meeting that, as from 1 November 2018, Parish Council meetings would be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm rather than the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm; as always interested parties are very welcome to attend.